Two BoysThe Embedded Instruction grant connects the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP, 2015) assessment to curriculum and instructional practices to strengthen the relationship between assessment and instruction and provides planned and intentional instructional practices for children with disabilities. Local educational agencies (LEAs) within California will work with experts and researchers in the area of embedded instruction to pilot these techniques and practices in their local early childhood programs.

Embedded instruction involves intentional teaching of individual child learning goals within the context of routine classroom activities, routines, and transitions. Prior research has found evidence that this approach can be effective with young children with varying disabilities, but it is not always implemented with fidelity.


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The goal of EI California is to support teachers to use embedded instruction practices with preschool children with or at risk for disabilities using a variation of the Tools for Teachers (TfT), professional development program. The project team will work with local educational agencies (LEAs) within California to support teacher implementation of the practices building on and strengthening teachers’ knowledge of assessment and curriculum. A key focus will help to help teachers use the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) assessment to inform planned and intentional embedded instruction practices for children with disabilities.


The DRDP assessments support teachers to observe, document, and reflect on the learning, development, and progress of children enrolled in early care and education programs. The assessment results can help inform curriculum and planning for individual children and groups of children.

Access the DRDP (2015): A Developmental Continuum from Early Infancy up to Kindergarten Entry

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  • Dr. Patricia Snyder, University of Florida
  • Dr. Mary McLean, University of Florida


  • Teachers, families, and children across California
  • Shelia Self, Education Programs Consultant; Policy and Program Services, Special Education Division, California Department of Education