The EI Goal 3 project builds on the promising evidence identified in a Goal 2 project (R324A070008) funded by National Center for Special Education Research at the Institute of Education Sciences. The project was conducted from 2007-2011 at University of Florida under the Direction of Patricia Snyder with collaborating partners Mary-Louise Hemmeter (Vanderbilt University); Susan Sandall (University of Washington); and Mary McLean (previously University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee).

As a development and innovation project the project involved three key phases.

  1. Development – The team worked to develop the professional development (PD) intervention known as Embedded Instruction for Early Learning – Tools for Teachers (EIEL:TFT) toolkit and refine processes for workshops and coaching. We further validated the content and format of the PD intervention with an expert panel of key stakeholders.
  2. Test Feasibility – The PD intervention was piloted using iterative validation procedures and conducting a series of feasibility studies with 12 teachers.
  3. Examine Potential Efficacy – The PD intervention was examined using experimental trials with 36 teachers across 3 states (12 teachers in each state). Teachers will be randomly assigned to 1 of 3 conditions: on-site coaching or self-coaching) or a business-as-usual control group.


TFT phases